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Dentures & Partial Dentures in Falls Church - Robert A. Morabito, DDS

A denture is a removable dental appliance designed to replace any teeth you are missing. The overall goal of dentures is to restore your smile in an aesthetically pleasing manner that is still highly functional. When discussing dentures with Dr. Morabito in our Falls Church dental office, there are two different types: Complete and Partial Dentures. 

A complete denture replaces all of your upper or lower teeth. This is considered to be a brand new smile! Complete dentures are a cost effective way for Dr. Morabito to restore your smile and have bright, white teeth that function properly. 

A partial denture is designed to replace one or several missing teeth within the arch of your smile. It is important to fill these missing areas as it will keep your other teeth in place, make eating and chewing easier, and improve the cosmetics of your smile. How your partial dentures are designed will be dependent on your individual case with an evaluation from Dr. Morabito. 

No matter what kind of denture you receive, it should last for many years (if properly cared for). When needed, dentures can be repaired and restored with relative ease. Our Falls Church dentist outlines proper care later on this page. 

Reasons you might choose dentures: 

• Complete Dentures — All of your teeth within the upper or lower arch are missing or too damaged to be restored and you want them replaced. 
Partial Dentures — You have lost one or many teeth within your smile and want to fill the holes. 
• They improve the cosmetics of your smile and your facial structure. 
• They improve your ability to eat, chew, and talk. 
• They are a cost effective tooth replacement. 
• They can utilize and be compatible with Dr. Morabito’s All-On-4 treatment. 

What does the process of receiving dentures include? 

Receiving dentures can require you to schedule several visits to our office over the course of a couple weeks. Below, Dr. Morabito outlines the process of receiving dentures: 

• First, an impression (or mold) will be made to determine how your denture will need to be designed. Design includes selecting the shape and size of your teeth, and what shade they will be. 
• Next, we typically require some”try-in” visits. These visits are necessary in guaranteeing your satisfaction with the design. If designed properly, your denture should provide a natural and comfortable fit. 
• Finally, your dentures will be delivered. During this time, Dr. Morabito will spend time with you to teach you about your new teeth. This will include what to expect while eating, during speech, and how to properly care for your dentures. 

What side effects are associated with dentures? 

After you receive your new dentures, they may feel a bit awkward; this is normal. As with anything new, it will take a little bit of time for you to adjust to your dentures. Some side effects you may experience include the following: 

• A feeling of your dentures being loose. 
• Areas of your mouth feeling irritated or sore. 
• An increase in salivary flow. 

These side effects should subside as you grow accustomed to your dentures. You may need to schedule some follow-up visits in order for Dr. Morabito to make necessary adjustments and changes. If your side effects do not subside, we recommend scheduling a visit with Dr. Morabito. 

How will my oral hygiene care change? 

Good dental hygiene is still critical. Brushing your gums and tongue is still important in removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. Below, Dr. Morabito outlines some best practices in caring for your new dentures. 

• Prior to brushing your dentures, try rinsing them to release food particles that are stuck. 
• Like your teeth, your dentures need to be brushed. When brushing, make sure you are using a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste that is non-abrasive. A toothbrush that is too stiff or the wrong kind of toothpaste can damage your dentures. 
• When your dentures are not being used, make sure to properly store them. 
• Properly storing them includes keeping them in a safe place and covering them in water.

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Dr. Morabito and your wonderful staff - Thank you so much for your kind, welcoming, and kid-friendly attention you gave me and my sons when we came in for the Harrison's 1st dental checkup. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

The Harrisons

Dr. Morabito is an awesome dentist, a great personality with the hift of humor, he is personable, and amazingly manages to choose the very best people to work for him. They are all excellent and most of all - caring and genuine. And with my dental problems, believe me I have had my share of being treated like a "number." I recently flew back to Falls Church from Kansas City to have him do my implants, because I don't trust anyone else.

Lynn S.

Dr. Morabito is a rare man: intellectual, very professional, very sensitive and practical to his patients. HIS STAFF: ADIMINISTRATION, DENTAL HYGENISTS, DENTAL ASSISTANTS , entertainment, and a charitable character are exceptionally capable, as he demands. If his practice were a fine hotel, his ZAGAT rating would be the highest. Dr. Morabito is an exceptional man! His professional associations keep him in the forefront of the latest methods and technology. He is excellent with the fearful and anxious patients and makes them feel confident. He is great in all the technical aspects of dentistry. He makes thousands of patients look better and feel great about themselves. You can feel secure in knowing that Dr. Morabito is the only dentist you will need, and he is affordable with a variety of financial plans. All aspects are well explained. If you want a great dentist, see Dr. Morabito and his charming and professional staff that will make you comfortable like family.

Michael C.

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