Kids Days

Kid's Days at Dr. Robert Morabito's Family Dental Practice

Kid's days at the office have become famous.  Seven years ago, we developed the concept to have an afternoon especially devoted to our children.  Our entire focus is on making the dental office a comfortable place. We enjoy working with young patients, creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  To that end, we shut the office down, get dressed in costumes, set up games, prizes, and awards.  It's all about the kids.  No adult treatment.   We have a big party, and by the way, we do cleanings, exams, sealants, and fillings as well as whatever treatment the kids may need. 

Because we create an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness, kids look forward to coming.  They aren't afraid.  We've done a total twist and made coming to the dental office a fun, memorable experience.

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Under the Sea Day- Kids fishing in the office

Under the Sea Day- Kids fishing in the office.

Front Team Swimming down under

Front Team Swimming down under

Dr Morabito and Elsy swimming down under and doing cleanings.

Dr Morabito and Elsy swimming down under and doing cleanings.

 Space Kids Day: The aliens and Martians didn't scare the kids away from getting their cleaning.

Space Kids Day: The aliens and Martians didn't scare the kids away from getting their cleaning.

space ships through the black holes

The main game played for Space Kids Day was getting the spaceships through the black holes. (throwing frisbees through hula hoops)

Snow Kids Day

Snow Kids Day: After bundling up for a snow storm the kids get their cleanings. 

Halloween kid's day

Halloween Kid's day is always a very popular one. Most of the kids come dressed in their Halloween costumes!

Super Hero Kid's Day

Dr. Morabito and Jenae get ready to attack the plaque on Super Hero Kid's Day.

super heroes on kid's day

After a long day of helping the kids, the superheroes pause for a quick picture.

Hawaii kid's day

Hawaii Kids Day: Lili and a few of her patients smile for the camera with their flamingo glasses. 

hula dancer

Elsy does a little hula dance in between her patients!





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Dr. Morabito and your wonderful staff - Thank you so much for your kind, welcoming, and kid-friendly attention you gave me and my sons when we came in for the Harrison's 1st dental checkup. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

The Harrisons

Dr. Morabito is an awesome dentist, a great personality with the hift of humor, he is personable, and amazingly manages to choose the very best people to work for him. They are all excellent and most of all - caring and genuine. And with my dental problems, believe me I have had my share of being treated like a "number." I recently flew back to Falls Church from Kansas City to have him do my implants, because I don't trust anyone else.

Lynn S.

Dr. Morabito is a rare man: intellectual, very professional, very sensitive and practical to his patients. HIS STAFF: ADIMINISTRATION, DENTAL HYGENISTS, DENTAL ASSISTANTS , entertainment, and a charitable character are exceptionally capable, as he demands. If his practice were a fine hotel, his ZAGAT rating would be the highest. Dr. Morabito is an exceptional man! His professional associations keep him in the forefront of the latest methods and technology. He is excellent with the fearful and anxious patients and makes them feel confident. He is great in all the technical aspects of dentistry. He makes thousands of patients look better and feel great about themselves. You can feel secure in knowing that Dr. Morabito is the only dentist you will need, and he is affordable with a variety of financial plans. All aspects are well explained. If you want a great dentist, see Dr. Morabito and his charming and professional staff that will make you comfortable like family.

Michael C.

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