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Headache Solution

Headache Solution - Robert A. Morabito, DDS

Over 1.5 Million people worldwide helped by the NTI-TSS device

NTI Tension Suppression System

The FDA has cleared for marketing for the first time, a device that prevents medically diagnosed migraine pain, tension-type headache, and jaw disorders ("TMJ"), without drugs or surgery, through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.

Many people suffer from headaches, with tension-type headaches and migraines being amongst the most common. 

Our Falls Church dental office and dentist Dr. Morabito offer a simple treatment for these kinds of headaches in form of a tiny plastic device called NTI-TSS. 

NTI-TSS (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition - Tension Suppression System) is worn over your two front teeth while you sleep, easing the intensity of jaw clenching, and preventing your upper and lower teeth from grinding together. 

Contrary to what many people think, the muscles involved in the nighttime clenching of teeth aren't exclusively located in your jaw. In addition to these muscles, there are also muscles running up the side of your head and temples which are being strained, and, in many cases, this clenching is one of the factors that can lead to a migraine headache. 

NTI Tension Suppression System relieves the majority of this pressure, and prevents your teeth from grinding together. Additionally, the sensation caused while biting down on the device provides feedback to the body, intended to encourage your muscles to relax. 

While the device itself may be small and simple, it requires a dental professional to determine the proper fit and oversee its use. Dr. Morabito will need to take detailed measurements of your mouth and jaw so that the oral device can be designed precisely to your specific needs. You may be required to make return visits to our dental office so that the NTI-TSS can be adjusted to ensure it remains properly fit for your jaw alignment. 

TMJ Disorders 
The temporomandibular joints, referred to as TMJ, connect your jaw to your skull. One of these joints is on either side of your head, allowing your jaw to operate like a sliding hinge. 
For some people, temporomandibular disorders, or TMDs, may occur, manifesting in symptoms such as: 
• Jaw pain 
• Pain in or around the ear 
• Pain while eating 
• Difficulty opening and closing the jaw 
• Clicking or popping sounds from the joint 

While there are no clear causes of TMD, there are some risk factors that are typically involved. These include: 

• Long-term bruxism (clenching or grinding) 
• Jaw injuries 
• Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis 
• Any disease or disorder that affect the body's connective tissues. 

TMJ disorders will sometimes go away on their own, but for those with persistent symptoms, treatment may be advised. Treatments can be as simple as relaxation techniques for those with stress-induced clenching or grinding of teeth. In other cases, the disorders may be addressed through bite corrections, by use of crowns, bridges or braces. 

Splints and nightguards are also common ways of treating TMJ disorders. Splints are primarily for those who have suffered a jaw injury, and provide 24-hour support while the joint muscles heal. Nightguards are custom-made appliances that are worn during sleep, and help protect those who are prone to unconscious teeth clenching and grinding. 

The NTI Tension Suppression System has also been know to help treat those patients with TMJ/TMD. For more information on how Dr. Morabito may be able to help with your headaches or TMJ, contact our office at (703) 534-9160. 
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Dr. Morabito and your wonderful staff - Thank you so much for your kind, welcoming, and kid-friendly attention you gave me and my sons when we came in for the Harrison's 1st dental checkup. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

The Harrisons

Dr. Morabito is an awesome dentist, a great personality with the hift of humor, he is personable, and amazingly manages to choose the very best people to work for him. They are all excellent and most of all - caring and genuine. And with my dental problems, believe me I have had my share of being treated like a "number." I recently flew back to Falls Church from Kansas City to have him do my implants, because I don't trust anyone else.

Lynn S.

Dr. Morabito is a rare man: intellectual, very professional, very sensitive and practical to his patients. HIS STAFF: ADIMINISTRATION, DENTAL HYGENISTS, DENTAL ASSISTANTS , entertainment, and a charitable character are exceptionally capable, as he demands. If his practice were a fine hotel, his ZAGAT rating would be the highest. Dr. Morabito is an exceptional man! His professional associations keep him in the forefront of the latest methods and technology. He is excellent with the fearful and anxious patients and makes them feel confident. He is great in all the technical aspects of dentistry. He makes thousands of patients look better and feel great about themselves. You can feel secure in knowing that Dr. Morabito is the only dentist you will need, and he is affordable with a variety of financial plans. All aspects are well explained. If you want a great dentist, see Dr. Morabito and his charming and professional staff that will make you comfortable like family.

Michael C.

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