Snoring Treatment Options in Falls Church

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, almost 50% of adults snore at least on occasion. In addition to this, a quarter (25%) of adults are considered to be habitual snorers. That means that 90 million American adults are affected by noisy breathing while they sleep. While snoring is more problematic for males and people who are overweight, anyone can suffer from snoring. If you are a snorer, you should not take this lightly, as it is a sign of obstructed breathing while you sleep. 

Snoring occurs when air cannot flow freely through the passages of your nose and throat. As a result, this area, the collapsible airway containing your uvula, may vibrate and cause snoring. For children, snoring may be a sign of health issues with the tonsils or adenoids. A tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy may be necessary to correct the issue and restore the child’s health. 

What causes snoring for adults?

  • Poor muscle tone in the throat/tongue 
  • Obesity 
  • A long uvula or soft palate 
  • Stuffy or blocked nose 
Typically, snoring becomes more serious as people age. As it worsens, snoring will cause disruptions in your sleep cycle and cause you to have sleep that is not refreshing. Unfortunately, if you are not receiving a good night’s sleep, you will experience a lot of daytime drowsiness, and will not function as you are expected. 

How can I stop snoring?

In many cases, making a change in your lifestyle will alleviate your snoring. As an example, if you lose weight or stop consuming alcohol near bedtime, you may stop snoring while you sleep. 

If the above changes do not relieve your snoring, there are treatments available to help you. A bite splint/night guard or surgery may help to open up your air way and eliminate your snoring. 

Is snoring a serious health issue?

While snoring is not a huge health issue, it can be linked to health issues that are more serious. If you are just lightly snoring, it is not likely that you wake yourself or your partner up. You may not even know that you lightly snore through the night. 

If you are a heavier snorer, it can be connected to more serious diseases like cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, studies show that roughly half of heavy snorers are suffering from sleep apnea

If you snore, you should receive a sleep study in order to determine why you are snoring, be more healthy, sleep better throughout the night, and not wake up your partner in the middle of the night. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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Dr. Morabito and your wonderful staff - Thank you so much for your kind, welcoming, and kid-friendly attention you gave me and my sons when we came in for the Harrison's 1st dental checkup. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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Dr. Morabito is an awesome dentist, a great personality with the hift of humor, he is personable, and amazingly manages to choose the very best people to work for him. They are all excellent and most of all - caring and genuine. And with my dental problems, believe me I have had my share of being treated like a "number." I recently flew back to Falls Church from Kansas City to have him do my implants, because I don't trust anyone else.

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Dr. Morabito is a rare man: intellectual, very professional, very sensitive and practical to his patients. HIS STAFF: ADIMINISTRATION, DENTAL HYGENISTS, DENTAL ASSISTANTS , entertainment, and a charitable character are exceptionally capable, as he demands. If his practice were a fine hotel, his ZAGAT rating would be the highest. Dr. Morabito is an exceptional man! His professional associations keep him in the forefront of the latest methods and technology. He is excellent with the fearful and anxious patients and makes them feel confident. He is great in all the technical aspects of dentistry. He makes thousands of patients look better and feel great about themselves. You can feel secure in knowing that Dr. Morabito is the only dentist you will need, and he is affordable with a variety of financial plans. All aspects are well explained. If you want a great dentist, see Dr. Morabito and his charming and professional staff that will make you comfortable like family.

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